28 April 2019

Most of people in Singapore take MRT or public bus to work. How do we say “i take MRT/bus to work”in mandarin ?

☘️The verb “take” in mandarin is “zuò(坐)” means to sit. When you take transportation and you are not the driver you should use “zuò(坐)”as the verb.

🌲MRT 🚇 in mandarin is “dì tiě(地铁)” means underground railway literally means “ground iron” .

🌲Bus 🚋in mandarin is “bā shì(巴士)” which is an overseas Chinese version while we have the other words which is also widely use in mainland China .

😎To work in mandarin is “shàng bān(上班)”.

🎈Now we have

wǒ zuò dìtiě/bāshì shàngbān 
I sit MRT/bus to work( literally )
I take MRT/bus to work.

Other transportations

zuò chū zū chē —坐出租车—take taxi

kāi chē —开车—to drive

qí zì xíng chē —骑自行车—to ride bicycle

zǒu lù — 走路— to walk

zuò fēi jī — 坐飞机 —take airplane

gōng jiāo chē — 公交车— public bus (mainland China version)


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