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IB Chinese

Our IB Chinese program is following international IB test system; it is mainly for students from international schools. The courses include IB Chinese HL and SL Grammar and Reading Course, and HL Essay and Thesis Writing Tutoring Course.

IB General Chinese course is suitable for students from elementary school to high school. We use the learning materials from student’s school while the textbooks of the IB Chinese system certified by Hanban of the Ministry of Education of China. The textbooks and the curriculum are widely used in all major international schools.

Introduction of  IB Chinese 

For IB Chinese, it is divided into Chinese A, Chinese B, and Chinese Ab initio; there are small branches under each course. For example, Chinese A is divided into Chinese A: Literature and Chinese A: Language and Literature, each of which is again It is subdivided into High Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL) for students with different Chinese backgrounds.

First subject group

Chinese A: Literature

(Sub-HL and SL) Generally suitable for families whose native language is Chinese and only taught in English for less than three years.

Chinese A: Language and Literature

(Sub-HL and SL) Generally suitable for families whose native language is Chinese but who has studied in international schools for more than three years.

Chinese A: Literature and Performing Arts (SL only) Interdisciplinary course, combining Chinese literature and art subjects

Second subject group

Chinese B-HL is suitable for foreign students who love Chinese and understand some Chinese literature.

Chinese B-SL for foreign students who love Chinese.

Chinese Ab initio Learn Chinese for foreign students.

The subjects of the first subject group are designed to support their future academic research by cultivating students’ high degree of social insight, aesthetic and cultural literacy, and effective communication skills.

Language A: Literature focuses on training Students’ understanding of literary criticism skills and their ability to make independent literary judgments.

Language A: Language and Literature focuses on cultivating students understanding of the constructiveness of semantics and the role of context in this process. Performing Arts allows students to combine literary analysis with the role of performing arts to develop our understanding of dramatic literature.

For IB Chinese Learning , there are two key points we should focus on.

First of all, the analysis and appreciation of classic literary works in Chinese and some translations.

Secondly, develop students’ written expression and verbal communication skills.

Here we attach a list of  reading material for your reference :

Chinese A Advanced Course Outline Study


World Literature 1 “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte

2. 世界文学作品2《苔丝》托马斯。哈代

World Literature 2 “Tess of d’Urbervilles” by Thomas Hardy

3. 世界文学作品3《包法利夫人》福楼拜

World Literature 3 “Madame Bovary” by Gustave Flaubert

4. 世界文学作品4《局外人》阿尔贝。卡缪

World Literature 4 “L’Etranger” by Albert Camus

5. 古典诗歌《杜甫诗选》

Classical Poetry “Du Fu Selected Poems”

6. 古典长篇小说《水浒传》 施耐庵

Classical Novel “The Water Margin“ by Shi Nai An

7. 古典戏剧《西廂记》王实甫

Classical Drama “The West Chamber” by Wang Shi Fu

8. 古典短篇小说《喻世名言》冯梦龙

Classical Short Stories “Tales of Morals” by Feng Meng Long

9. 现当代长篇小说《家》巴金

Contemporary Novel “Family” by Ba Jin

10. 现当代长篇小说《骆驼祥子》老舍

Contemporary Novel “Camel Xiang Zi” by Lao She

11. 《围城》钱钟书

Contemporary Novel ”Fortress” by Qian Zhong Shu

12. 现代诗歌《徐志摩诗选》

Modern Poetry “Xu Zhi Mo Selected Poems”

13. 现代散文《冰心文集》

Modern Literary Works “Bing Xin Collected Works”

14. 现代短篇小说《彷徨》鲁迅

Modern Short Stories “Indecision” by Lu Xun

15. 台湾及海外作品《又见棕榈,又见棕榈》於梨华

Taiwan and Overseas Novel “Again the Palm Trees” by Yu Li Hua

辅助阅读 Supplementary

1. 《文学理论基本常识》

”Basic Concept of Literature”

2. 《中文A1课程精要》

“Students Guide to Success in IB Chinese A1”

3. 古典长篇小说《红楼梦》曹雪芹

Classical Novel “Dream of the Red Chamber” by Cao Xue Qin

4. 现代长篇小说《边城》沈从文

Modern Novel “The Border Town and Other Stories” by Shen Cong Wen

5. 现代长篇小说《子夜》茅盾

Modern Novel “Midnight” by Mao Dun

6. 世界文学作品《老人与海》海明威

World Literature ”The Old Man and the Sea” by Hemingway, Ernest

7. 古典长篇小说《三国演义》罗贯中

Classical Novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” by Luo Guan Zhong

8. 现代话剧《茶馆》老舍

Modern Drama “Tea House” by Lao She







Fees and Course schedule

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Free (45 mins) contact us for arrangement. $65/hr @ 30hrs package
$60/hr @ 50hrs package
At lease1.5hr for home tuition while at least 1hr in our centre



I have taken private Mandarin lessons from Lilian, who is a perfect teacher with well-prepared curriculum. Best place for beginners.

Selina who is the founder of Mandarin Plus is an excellent teacher. The lessons are adapted for my needs. She is patient, professional and fun. I highly recommend her to anyone! Feel free to get in touch with any questions.

One of the very few, if not the only school, where student’s progress placed first. Not only the course can be tailored to student’s needs, but the schedule. I think, the teacher’s approach and attitude to teaching makes the whole difference.

MandarinPlus has given me the confidence to communicate in Mandarin to my colleagues, patients at work, and with my friends. The lessons are well structured and they have flexible timings you can adjust to, depending on your schedule. The teachers are very dedicated to giving you the most out of the 1 hour or 1.5 h lessons and will make sure you understand everything before carrying on to the next lesson.

My teacher, Lilian W, is very credible, patient and willing to go the extra mile making sure my pronunciation etc. is perfect. The one-to-one classes are worth the money as they provide quality content. Certification is also given once you have completed any of the levels.

I have been taking private lessons with Selina and her teachers for more than 2 years now and it has been exceptional. I am speaking from experience having been a student at other ‘larger’ mandarin schools in Singapore and I can honesty say that the dedication that the team here to their students is unconditional. Every teacher is highly qualified (not just part-time student teachers who need the pay check): the teachers genuinely have an interest in your learning and celebrate your progress with you. It is not just about what’s in the book but also Chinese culture, the difference between spoken Chinese and written Chinese and all the nuances that you would not get in a typical class.

I originally only wanted to learn a bit of Mandarin to be able to communicate the basics with others. I started with HSK 1 and I am now learning HSK 5. I have completed 2 exams which I certainly did not feel that I could so at the beginning of this journey. It was only with the encouragement of Selina and her teachers that I am able to do this. I have been recommending Mandarin Plus to all my friends and colleagues. 我需要努力,但我很感激他們的鼓勵。謝謝!

I have been learning Chinese with Selina Xie for almost 5 years now. She has set up her own school Mandarin Plus . I truly appreciate her professionalism, patience, ability to tailor teaching approach to varying learning styles. Over the years I have enjoyed traditional textbook work, role-plays, learning tongue-twisters, story writing, reciting and dictation, reading additional materials including newspaper and Internet articles that complemented my learning path at Mandarin Plus. I successfully passed HSK3 exam and am currently completing the third level of Business Chinese (BCT3). Selina is an extremely experienced teacher with admirable personal background, which one realises only having spent several years as her student and having tried other schools and other ways of learning. I encourage all students to keep going (we know how hard it gets at times, right?) and not to be afraid to ask questions or share their opinions with the teacher. Only by doing so can we all achieve our learning goals and actually enjoy the process too .

As a native English speaker taking up Mandarin can feel overwhelming . Selina laoshi who is also the founder of Mandarin Plus and Lilian Wang the teacher of Mandarin Plus have provided me with much needed direction, confidence and expertise to reach a level of progress I ‘m delighted with. After just one year I’ve already taken my level 3 exam, and I’m reaping the benefits in my day to day usage. Fantastic Chinese lessons at a reasonable price !

I worked with Selina for a period of two weeks in preparation for my undergraduate Chinese final. She was extremely helpful in ensuring my correct pronunciation and developing my conversational skills. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs to improve fast in a short period of time.

Neither Rudrash’s mother tongue is Mandarin, nor we speak Mandarin at home, still teacher Selina Xie (founder of Mandarin Plus) brings up enough interest and encouragement in our son, that he always looks forward for her class. Thank you Selina laoshi , thank you Mandarin Plus.

The founder of Mandarin Plus , teacher Selina is great! My son has enjoyed lessons with her because she makes learning fun. She’s patient and provides regular feedback. Highly recommended and reasonably priced!