Trial Class

    Teen & Kids Chinese Class

    Mandarin Plus brings in the simplest and more fun way to learn Mandarin with Chinese lessons and private tutor for kids in Singapore. We incorporate engaging methods and effective curricular subjects that suited varieties of student levels.

    Standard Kids Chinese Course

    Mandarin Plus’s Kids Chinese Standard Course provide professional class for youth learners. For teaching Chinese lessons for kids in Singapore, our Chinese tutor for kids are all with credential, friendly, patient and experienced. We help students to obtain skills of learn Chinese language that always keep their learning in a precise and effective progress . This course also corresponds to the International HSK Examination of the Confucius Institute of the Chinese Ministry of Education.

    IB Chinese Course

    Our IB Chinese program is following international IB test system; it is mainly for students from international schools. The courses include IB Chinese HL and SL Grammar and Reading Course, and HL Essay and Thesis Writing Tutoring Course.

    IB General Chinese course is suitable for students from elementary school to high school. We use the learning materials from student's school while the textbooks of the IB Chinese system certified by Hanban of the Ministry of Education of China. The textbooks and the curriculum are widely used in all major international schools.

    Cambridge IGCSE Chinese

    Mandarin Plus Cambridge IGCSE course is focus on the skills of reading, writing, listening and oral. Through learning with us , the students can achieve a thorough understanding of a wide range registers, styles and learning to communicate effectively in different situation. Our experienced teaching team provides students the best possible preparation for Cambridge program and qualifications.

    AP Chinese Language & Culture Course

    AP Chinese Language and Culture (AP Chinese Language and Culture), referred to as “AP Chinese”, is an AP course that can be taken as an elective when applying to American universities. As a foreign language course, it allows middle school students to take elective courses. The course is designed for two years. Candidates who pass the exam can obtain college credits and can also take advanced Chinese courses in the fifth semester of the university.

    Kids and Teens Chinese Oral Class

    Mandarin Plus Kids and Teens Chinese Speaking Class is designed not olny for students who need to prepare for HSKK , IB Oral Test or to deal with the needs of specific occasions but also for students come from non Chinese speaking family. This course is designed base on various situations through diversified method like drama, performances and stories telling etc to help child to build their Chinese learning interesting and confidence on their speaking . Classes for prepare oral exams are all based on the test assessment criteria and the needs of the students, helping students passed their oral test on satisfaction level.

    Kids Online Chinese Course

    MandarinPlus provide high-quality online Chinese courses for all children and teenagers over 7 years old. Our experienced Chinese teachers (all are native speakers) are good at design and teach each class online in real time. The content of the courses is lively and interesting, and the entire process is interactive。
    Under the current epidemic situation, safe and convenient online courses are more suitable for children who need to learn Chinese. Please contact us for details of the courses. We provide you with one-to-one online free trial courses, flexible learning packages and reasonable prices to allow your child to learn Chinese easily and happily at home.

    Teen & Kids Holiday Program

    Aimed at beginners to intermediates, our holiday course uses Standard Course Book , together with storytelling, role-playing & sight view visting etc, fun games and hands-on activities, to give young learners enjoyable and effective Mandarin learning experiences.
    In addition, our professional online classes for Kids Holiday Program Courses are available ! Please Call /WhatsApp @+65 97207491 or email for free online trial and course details .

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I find a tutor for my child?

    Need Chinese lessons for your kids? Mandarin Plus offers Mandarin tutoring for all ages. Contact us for more details on how to get a Mandarin Tutor.

    How can a tutor help my child?

    Chinese tutors are there to supplement classroom learning and enhance your child’s understanding of the language. It is a good way for your child to practice their Mandarin outside of a classroom setting and without threat of being graded. Mandarin Plus also offers online and one-on-one session tutoring options for you to choose from.

    How do I teach my child Chinese?

    Enlist our help for Chinese classes and tutoring for your child. We offer informative and helpful lessons to teach them Chinese! Mandarin Plus’ tutoring lessons are a great way for your child to practice their Mandarin out of school.

    Why are kids learning Mandarin?

    Mandarin is fast becoming one of the world’s most spoken languages. Help get your child a leg up and sign them up for Mandarin classes!

    Are private tutors worth it?

    Yes– private tutoring is more intimate and the tutor can better address your child’s difficulties with learning.

    What age should you get a tutor?

    It’s never too late to get a tutor. Mandarin Plus offers tutoring and online classes to people of all ages. Contact us for more details if you’re interested in one of our tutoring services or online class options.



      My daughter took lessons here. The teacher is very professional to teach my daughter even though she is 8 years old.
      She learned a lot of vocabulary and expression.
      Thank you.😄

      Inwook Kim ( Alice’s mother)

      Mandarin Plus is a good school to learn Mandarin in Singapore, they were very accommodating to my needs was eager to make arrangements for a timing suitable for my schedule.
      Ms Wang is a very nice teacher, she is very patient and will adjust to the student’s capacity making sure we learn Chinese smoothly.

      The teacher elaborated every word/ the composition of the word such that you understand why the word’s meaning is such. The teacher is very detailed in explaining which is good for beginner mandarin learners.


      Very well structured. Good method of teaching and lot of revision , overall a very good option to start learning Chinese. The teacher was very friendly and helpful and encouraging. The group class meant that we could ask questions to each other and have conversations.

      Satish Krishnamurthy

      I am very pleased with the private group online Mandarin course; the course was well structured and the teacher, Ms Wang Cheng ensured that the lesson pace was well suited for the students. The usage of new vocabulary and grammar in sentence formation allowed me to familiarise and understand the language better. Ms Wang also provided us with additional resources to aid our learning. Will recommend this course to anyone looking to speak and read basic Mandarin.

      Varshah Gunasagar

      I Just finished HSK 1 & HSK 2 private lessons , started back in August with Selina Lǎoshī. I had a great experience & value, & willing to learn more next year. She was very patient & kind, always flexible in her timing, & professional. Thank you 🙂

      Thoroughly pleased with the value I received from my time learning at Mandarin Plus. Apart from the regular curriculum, my teacher was also very willing and able to guide me in tailoring a specific pitch that I had to prepare for a business presentation which boosted my confidence tremendously. Even my colleagues were surprised by the marked improvement of my Mandarin level. Overall, very happy with Mandarin Plus.

      Kevin Ling

      I finished one course of 2-people group lessons and signed up for more. Even with circuit breaker, we still do weekly Zoom tuition and the quality of the class is just as high.

      Laoshi is great in that she tailors each lesson to our levels and picks vocabulary she thinks is most useful for us instead of just relying on the textbook. We have short oral presentations every week and she also provides us with extra language videos or links to supplement our learning.

      Jilian Fu


      I have been learning at Mandarin Plus for 5 months at classroom tuitions and online tuitions. Both are conducted by Ms.Selina effectively especially for oral practice. She is very patient and kind as well as professional. I really enjoy learning Chinese now.

      Yasukoo Lee


      I started my online Mandarin classes in April2020. I found my weekly 2 hour HSK 1 zoom classes very effective. There were 3 students and our teacher Ms. Wang Cheng created a learning atmosphere that engaged and challenged us. It motivated me to learn to write the Chinese characters as well.
      The CB period pushed us to zoom classes and I have really enjoyed them. The big plus is I can do them from the comfort of my home and do not have to waste time travelling back and forth to class.
      Deon Joseph

      Very satisfied with my learning experience. Staff are very responsive and transparent with rates and terms. Private class teaching method was very flexible. Our professor taught extra vocabulary so that we could immediately apply it to the workplace and business context. School is easily accessible cos of CBD location. Greatly recommend for foreigners who want to learn and improve Chinese.

      Martin Verdejo

      Selina was recommended to me by one of my friend whose son had been enjoying taking lessons with her for a few years and was very satisfied with the level he had achieved. My children are French and respectively 16 and 13 year-old. They have been learning Chinese in school as a 2nd language and needed extra-teaching hours to improve their speaking and writing skills.
      My son used to say that he hated Chinese language and was really unhappy to have to learn it. However, since he has started with Selina, slightly more than a year ago, his level has not only improved substantially but now also finds Chinese interesting and do not complain anymore before going to class.
      His school Chinese teacher was impressed by his progression and participation in class.
      I really recommend Selina; She is an excellent Chinese tutor.

      Veronique Viardot-Foucault