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Meet the brilliant experts who are ready to step-up your learning game! Mandarin Plus not only employs highly credible teachers from China that you can count on but to also provide you the inspiration and guide towards your learning success!

teacher ms zhang yu

Teacher Ms. Zhang Yu

Zhang Yu has great passion in teaching Chinese language and culture. She has a Master degree of Art in Chinese studies from NUS Singapore. She studied basic principles and methodology in Teaching Chinese As a Second Language in the university and started her teaching from 2013.

Her teaching approach is holistic and caring by customizing lesson plans to meet the students’ individual needs.She is exceptionally good at interacting with students to explore and catering to special Mandarin learning needs.


teacher ms wang cheng

Teacher Ms. Wang Cheng

Wang Cheng comes from Northern area of China. She has more than 8 years teaching experience in Shanxi Medical University of China and continuing teaching Chinese in Singapore since 2012. She is holding a PHD in Bio from NUS and TCSOL (International Chinese teacher qualification) certificate by China Hanban.

Wang Cheng is a friendly and patient Chinese tutor who has great passion in teaching Chinese language and Chinese culture in Singapore. She loves to make her own teaching materials to meet different needs and share her Chinese knowledge including calligraphy and wash painting with her students in the class.


teacher ms yao yong nan carol

Teacher  Ms. Yao Yong Nan Carol

Carol Yao Yong Nan possess a Bachelor degree in Chinese language. She has strong Chinese knowledge background and has 15 years teaching experience in Singapore as a full-time mandarin tutor. She has excellent teaching skills and well understand her student’s learning needs which help her students to achieve their learning goals as good as they can.

Carol Yao is positive, easy going and always made her classes interesting and flexible. She has helped many students to achieved their Chinese language learning goals.


teacher ms Zhang An QI Angie

Teacher Ms. Zhang An QI Angie

Angie is originally from Beijing China, she speaks excellent standard Mandarin Chinese . After completing her undergraduate course of  Normal University China, Angie was posted by the Chinese government to overseas for two years to teach Chinese as a foreign language in schools. During these two years She was engaged to teach Mandarin Chinese to children and adults from Southeast Asia and the West. After that, she further study for a master’s degree in teaching Chinese as a foreign language in Singapore in 2015 and engaged in Chinese language education during after graduation .

The students she has taught not only come from different countries and age groups, but also have different learning goals. Angie has accumulated rich experience for the past ten years of her teaching career. She is very good at organizing teaching materials according to the characteristics of students. The Chinese courses she teaches include YCT, IB, IGCSE, HSK, oral, cultural and business Chinese courses.


teacher ms liu naixuan eleanor

Teacher Ms. Liu NaiXuan Eleanor

Ms. Eleanor Liu is originally from Beijing China, she speaks excellent standard Mandarin Chinese . She received both her Master’s degree in comparative literature and Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Linguistic Literature at Tianjin Normal University. After graduatiing in 2013, she has been teaching IB MYP and DP Chinese language and literature in an international school in Beijing China for 5 years. She is familiar with the current mainstream Chinese textbooks and can design course content according to the characteristics of students to improve students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in a targeted manner. Eleanor is fluent in both Chinese and English. In addition to international school students, there are many adult students of her from different countries. She is passionate about spreading Chinese culture, so her lessons are always lively and interesting and easy to understand. She has a lively character and loves to add different games to her teaching, which is very popular with children and teenagers.
In addition to English, she is also fluent in Japanese.


teacher ms shao zhuoyue olivia

Teacher Ms. Shao ZhuoYue Olivia

Oliva Shao graduated from Hunan University of Science and Technology with a bachelor’s degree in Chinese as a foreign language and is currently completing her master’s degree in Chinese as a foreign language at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Ms. Shao has rich professional knowledge and practical teaching experience in Chinese as a foreign language. She used to be an Chinese language teacher in a language school in Guangzhou City in Guangdong, China for five years. And has worked for two years in an international school in Thailand. During her teaching period, she has taught  Chinese language learners of different races and ages, and has accumulated effective practical teaching skills.
Olivia Shao has a natural passion for teaching. She is not only very patient with students, but also likes to guide students in diversify learning methods. Therefore, her classes are easy and interesting, students with different personalities and different foundations in her class manage to maximize their learning effect.


teacher ms li xiaolu luna

Teacher Ms.Li XiaoLu Luna

Ms. Luna Li is from Henan, China. She has an undergraduate degree in education from Huangshan University China. During the university, she won the first prize and related scholarships in the provincial teaching competition many times. She has been engaged in Chinese language education since 2013 and has 8 years of teaching experience by 2021. She also obtained a diploma in early childhood education while teaching Chinese in a private school in Singapore. Her students include children, teenagers and adults, and these students come from different countries. She is not only familiar with Singapore’s local Chinese test syllabus such as PSLE ​​and O/A level, but also very familiar with international Chinese test syllabus such as IB, IGCSE, YCT, HSK and BCT. She is a responsible and creative Chinese teacher.

Luna has a calm and gentle personality and is easy to get along with. She has a wealth of teaching experience, is good at discovering the strengths of students, and is good at encouraging and guiding students. All her students have a solid foundation in Chinese. She not only speaks excellent standard Mandarin Chinese, but also speaks English fluently.


teacher ms wang xiaoyan mandy

Teacher Ms.Wang XiaoYan Mandy

Ms. Mandy Wang comes from ShanXi China, graduated from Wuhan University of Science and Technology, China, majoring in International Economics and Trade. She obtained a master’s diploma in logistics management in Singapore from 2004 to 2008. During the study period, she began to teach general Chinese and business Chinese in training institutions on and off campus. From 2008 to 2018, Mandy worked successively in the management department of local multinational companies and institutions in Singapore. She has rich experience in bilingual communication in Chinese and English, which gave her in-depth experience of business and cultural Chinese teaching, and a better understanding of what students need to learn. Since 2018, she joined Mandarin Plus, teaching basic Chinese and business Chinese, and has been well received by students. Mandy is cheerful, easy-going and patient. Her class is full of relaxed and happy atmosphere.


teacher ms zhang afan fannie

Teacher Ms. Zhang Fan Fannie

Fannie comes from Northeast part of China. During her more than 7 years Mandarin teaching experience in Beijing and Singapore, she gained a lot of experience in teaching foreigners. She is very familiar with the syllabus of international Chinese education system and syllabus of local schools.She is very patient with students and has an easy-going personality. She has great passion for teaching Mandarin and she loves to prepare hands on class materials.

She can handle private small classes and also group classes very well. Her presentation skill is impressive, interesting and able to catch attention of the audience.


Teacher Ms. Tang Bin Cassie

Cassie Tang Bin comes from Beijing, China. During her more than 15 years Mandarin teaching experience in Beijing and Singapore, she gained lots of experience in teaching Chinese as first ,second and foreign languages.She is not only familiar with the syllabus of international Chinese education system, but also the syllabus of local schools. She has great passion for teaching Mandarin and is very patient with students and has an excellent interpersonal skills. She can handle private small classes and also group classes very well. Because of continuous learning, she has mastered many advanced, useful teaching methods, such as MOOC and Flipped Classroom, accordingly applied excellent approaches in her class and developed her personal set of teaching method.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a Chinese tutor?

Mandarin Plus offers Mandarin classes and tutoring for people of all ages.  Contact us for more details! Our phone and email can be found at the bottom of the page.

How much is a Chinese tutor?

Mandarin Plus offers online tutoring and one-on-one tutoring sessions. You can pick which option suits your learning style best.  See our rates and more details on our fees and schedules page.

How do you pass the Chinese Oral?

Chinese Oral exams can be passes with practice and learning. Mandarin Plus’ lessons can help you with more tips to pass oral exams

How can I improve my Chinese higher?

Practice and studying is your best bet. Remember to use the language often to get a better grasp of it. Tutoring and extra classes are a good way to improve your grasp of Chinese.

How do I study for PSLE Chinese?

Treat PSLE like any other academic test. Practice and learning goes a long way. Mandarin Plus can help you further improve your grasp on the languag

What is the highest PSLE score in Singapore?

The highest score ever achieved for PSLE was in the high 200s.


My daughter took lessons here. The teacher is very professional to teach my daughter even though she is 8 years old.
She learned a lot of vocabulary and expression.
Thank you.😄

Inwook Kim ( Alice’s mother)

Mandarin Plus is a good school to learn Mandarin in Singapore, they were very accommodating to my needs was eager to make arrangements for a timing suitable for my schedule.
Ms Wang is a very nice teacher, she is very patient and will adjust to the student’s capacity making sure we learn Chinese smoothly.

The teacher elaborated every word/ the composition of the word such that you understand why the word’s meaning is such. The teacher is very detailed in explaining which is good for beginner mandarin learners.


Very well structured. Good method of teaching and lot of revision , overall a very good option to start learning Chinese. The teacher was very friendly and helpful and encouraging. The group class meant that we could ask questions to each other and have conversations.

Satish Krishnamurthy

I am very pleased with the private group online Mandarin course; the course was well structured and the teacher, Ms Wang Cheng ensured that the lesson pace was well suited for the students. The usage of new vocabulary and grammar in sentence formation allowed me to familiarise and understand the language better. Ms Wang also provided us with additional resources to aid our learning. Will recommend this course to anyone looking to speak and read basic Mandarin.

Varshah Gunasagar

I Just finished HSK 1 & HSK 2 private lessons , started back in August with Selina Lǎoshī. I had a great experience & value, & willing to learn more next year. She was very patient & kind, always flexible in her timing, & professional. Thank you 🙂

Thoroughly pleased with the value I received from my time learning at Mandarin Plus. Apart from the regular curriculum, my teacher was also very willing and able to guide me in tailoring a specific pitch that I had to prepare for a business presentation which boosted my confidence tremendously. Even my colleagues were surprised by the marked improvement of my Mandarin level. Overall, very happy with Mandarin Plus.

Kevin Ling

I finished one course of 2-people group lessons and signed up for more. Even with circuit breaker, we still do weekly Zoom tuition and the quality of the class is just as high.

Laoshi is great in that she tailors each lesson to our levels and picks vocabulary she thinks is most useful for us instead of just relying on the textbook. We have short oral presentations every week and she also provides us with extra language videos or links to supplement our learning.

Jilian Fu


I have been learning at Mandarin Plus for 5 months at classroom tuitions and online tuitions. Both are conducted by Ms.Selina effectively especially for oral practice. She is very patient and kind as well as professional. I really enjoy learning Chinese now.

Yasukoo Lee


I started my online Mandarin classes in April2020. I found my weekly 2 hour HSK 1 zoom classes very effective. There were 3 students and our teacher Ms. Wang Cheng created a learning atmosphere that engaged and challenged us. It motivated me to learn to write the Chinese characters as well.
The CB period pushed us to zoom classes and I have really enjoyed them. The big plus is I can do them from the comfort of my home and do not have to waste time travelling back and forth to class.
Deon Joseph

Very satisfied with my learning experience. Staff are very responsive and transparent with rates and terms. Private class teaching method was very flexible. Our professor taught extra vocabulary so that we could immediately apply it to the workplace and business context. School is easily accessible cos of CBD location. Greatly recommend for foreigners who want to learn and improve Chinese.

Martin Verdejo

Selina was recommended to me by one of my friend whose son had been enjoying taking lessons with her for a few years and was very satisfied with the level he had achieved. My children are French and respectively 16 and 13 year-old. They have been learning Chinese in school as a 2nd language and needed extra-teaching hours to improve their speaking and writing skills.
My son used to say that he hated Chinese language and was really unhappy to have to learn it. However, since he has started with Selina, slightly more than a year ago, his level has not only improved substantially but now also finds Chinese interesting and do not complain anymore before going to class.
His school Chinese teacher was impressed by his progression and participation in class.
I really recommend Selina; She is an excellent Chinese tutor.

Veronique Viardot-Foucault