13 April 2020


After you have introduced your name, the next step is your occupation.

I am + the name of occupation,  eg: I am a teacher.
wǒ shì +lǎo shī (teacher)
我是+ 老师

Or if you are a manager,

wǒ shì +jīng lǐ (manager)
我是+ 经理

Or if you are an engineer ,

wǒ shì +gōng chéng shī (engineer)
我是+ 工程师

Good Job !

The common occupations in mandarin as below:

  1. yī sheng –doctor –医生
  2. lǜ shī –lawyer–律师
  3. xiāo shòu yuán–sales –销售员
  4. fú wù yuán –waiter or waitress — 服务员

After you say “I am a manager”, maybe you want to ask “how about you?”

In mandarin Chinese we have a very short question when you say something first and ask back “how about you”,

it only contains two characters —- ” nǐ ne ?” (你呢), literally means “you ?”

Ok, say it after me,

Wǒ shì jīng lǐ ,nǐ ne ?

I am a manager, you?


Well done!







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