Intensive Mandarin Holiday Course For
Kids And Teens

Aimed at beginners to intermediates, our holiday course uses Standard Course Books , together with storytelling, role-playing & sight view visting etc, fun games and hands-on activities, to give young learners a full Chinese speaking atmosphere, and enjoyable and effective Mandarin learning experiences.

Course Summary

Who: Students who learn Chinese as a second language
Duration: 1 & 2 weeks in length total
Starting Dates: Contact us 97207491 for details
Time: 2hrs per day (if online)

3hrs per day(if pysical)

Groups: 1) Beginner group

2) Intermediate group

Venue: 6 Raffles Quay #16-01 #16-51 or Online

Why Join Our Mandarin Holiday Course?

1. Professional Teachers:

We have native Mandarin-speaking teachers to conduct the classes. They all have rich teaching experience with international students.

2. Hand-picked Teaching Materials

YCT Standard Course, a textbook authorized by Hanban and developed for primary and secondary school students who take Chinese as a selective course, is selected to be the main textbook to develop students’ vocabulary, conversation, listening, reading and writing skills in a systematic way. In addition, we choose fun storybooks, audio-visual materials suitable for students’ age and language level to make the classroom more fun and interactive.

Top rated books we are using :

Mandarin Holiday Course Singapore

3. Fun Cultural Activities

Language and culture go hand in hand. Our programme is complemented with a variety of cultural activities, such as Chinese idioms storys, Chinese customs ,

ancient poetry reading, Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting and Chinese martial arts . These activities aim to arouse students’ deep and long-lasting interest in learning the language.

4. Study for the purpose of application

Outdoor course (Due to Covid-19 the outdoor course will be suspended temporarily)

Go to the Chinese restaurant to order, go to the subway station to buy tickets, take the subway or bus, take a taxi, visit the Chinese Culture Museum, visit national library, go to the cinema to watch a Chinese movies, etc.

5. Optional Course Length & Affordable Price

You may choose either one-week, two-week or even longer course according to your time available and pay accordingly. The rate of the one-week course is S$600@15hours and S$1200@30hours for the two-week course. For siblings or friends together pls contact us for a group price.

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