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Mandarin Plus offers Cambridge IGCSE in Singapore that is focused on the skills of reading, writing, listening and oral communication in Mandarin. Through learning with us, the students can achieve a thorough understanding of a wide range of registers, and styles and learn to communicate effectively in different situations. Our experienced teaching team in the IGCSE Chinese course provides students with the best possible preparation for the Cambridge program and qualifications.

This course is using syllabus of the Cambridge IGCSE Chinese test system. It was customized for native or non-Chinese speakers to well prepare for their school exams and IGCSE international tests. The learning content and paces are scientific and easy to grab.

Why Take the Chinese Programme
Under IGCSE in Singapore?

IGCSE in Singapore is a recognised educational curriculum that offers various subjects including the Chinese Language. Thus, there are various schools following IGCSE in Singapore that are offering IGCSE Chinese courses. This course is meant for students whose first language is Mandarin. The syllabus for this course is specifically designed to enhance the students’ skills in both oral and written communication using the Chinese language.

As a Cambridge curriculum, you could expect the intricateness of IGCSE. From learning materials to instructions to the IGCSE Exam, you will find that the courses under this curriculum are meant to develop the learner’s overall capabilities.

Here at Mandarin Plus, the IGCSE Chinese course is being offered for native Mandarin speakers who wish to improve their skills in the Chinese language and eventually, pass the IGCSE Chinese language examination. Below are the main objectives of our IGCSE course and why you should take it:


  • Develop the ability to communicate effectively using the target language
  • Offer insights into the culture and society of countries where the language is spoken
  • Develop awareness of the nature of language and language learning
  • Encourage positive attitudes towards speakers of other languages and a sympathetic approach to other cultures and civilisations
  • Provide enjoyment and intellectual stimulation
  • Develop transferable skills (e.g. analysis, memorising, drawing of inferences) to complement other areas of the curriculum
  • Form a sound base of the skills, language and attitudes required for progression to work or further study, either in the target language or another subject area.

Content overview:

The subject content for the IGCSE Chinese course is organised around five broad Topic areas which provide contexts for the acquisition of vocabulary and the study of grammar and structures. Through the study of these topic areas, candidates gain insight into target language countries and communities.

Students aged 14-17 or those who are in their 10th to 11th grade can take IGCSE in Singapore. The IGCSE is a programme that is equivalent to that of the UK’s GCSE. It can be taken as a two year programme in Singapore.

Course Topics

Topic Elementary Intermediate Upper Intermediate Advance
1 My school My family Cancelation of middle school general exam Food and Drink Culture
2 To buy stationery People who is influential to me Join boarding school “Dear Andreas” review
3 To buy gift My dream Benefit of school uniform International school
4 My relativies Travelling Bad habits of youth Supper
5 To do house work Study tour Be a social worker at village Traditional values
6 To have a pet Learning Chinese Mid school student in love Spring rolls
7 To celebrate birthday Chinese dishes Review “Gongfu Panda” Living styles
8 Mid-autumn Festival Food and health Shut down social online platform Inner and external beauty
9 Spring Festival Festivals and cuisine Electronic school bag Stress of high school exam
10 To ask for direction Modern technology Urban and Rural area Styles to relax
11 Vocation Entertainment Memorable trips Camping
12 My summer holiday Care for society Life with low carbon consumption Debate Club
13 Spring festival and Christmas Online and paper books
14 Dining etiquette for Chinese cuisine. Food waste
15 Globalised food culture Domestic robots

Feels And Course Schedule

Free (45 mins) contact us for arrangement. $70/hr @ 20hrs package At lease1.5hr for home tuition while at least 1hr in our centre

Group Class 2-4 Kids: FR $160/Month Per Pax

Beginner IGCSE2019A 2-4 Every Tuesday 5:30-6:30 Once a week
Intermediate IGCSE2019B 2-4 Every Friday 5:30-6:30 Once a week
Intermediate IGCSE2019C 2-4 Every Saturday 2-3 Once a week

IGCSE Chinese As Second Language Exam

Paper 1 Paper 2 Component 3
  • 2 hours
  • Reading and Writing 60%
  • 60 marks
  • Written examination consisting of five
  • exercises that test a range of reading
  • and writing skills. Types of task include:
  • information transfer, short-answer questions, multiple-matching, functional writing and extended writing.
  • Externally assessed
  • Approx. 35–45 minutes
  • Listening 20%
  • 30 marks
  • Written examination consisting of four exercises that test listening skills.
  • Candidates listen to recordings of short and longer spoken texts. Types of task include: short-answer questions, gap-fill sentences, information correction and multiple-choice questions. All listening material is recorded in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Externally assessed


  • Approx. 10–13 minutes
  • Speaking 20%
  • 60 marks
  • The Speaking test is conducted in Mandarin Chinese.
  • The Speaking test consists of three parts: candidates give a two- to three-minute presentation, followed by a short discussion with the examiner about the presentation, followed by a short conversation with the examiner about general topics.
  • Internally assessed and externally

IGCSE Chinese As Second Language Exam
Speaking Topics (2020-2022):

Area A

Young people and education

Education and career

Peer relationships


A1.School and education

A2.Future career plans


A4.Peer pressure/conflict

Area b


Family relationships

Health and fitness

Leisure activities

Communication & technology


B1.Generation gap

B2Young people

B3.Healthy eating

B4.Sports and exercise

B5.Films and the media


New means of communication

Social networking

Learning technology

Area C

The world

Geographical surroundings



C1. Urban and rural life

C2. Travel

C3. Home town & surrounding areas

C4. Pollution

C5. Recycling

C6. Global warming

Area D

Cultural diversity

Life at home & in other countries


D1. Festivals and celebrations

D2. Customs and traditions

D3. Culinary diversity

IGCSE Chinese As Foreign Language Exam

Paper 1

approximately 35 minutes

Listening 25%

30 marks

Candidates listen to a number of recordings

and answer questions testing comprehension

Externally assessed

Paper 2

1 hour 15 minutes

Reading 25%

36 marks

Candidates read a number of texts and answer questions testing comprehension

Externally assessed

Paper 3

approximately 15 minutes

Speaking* 25%

100 marks

Candidates complete two role plays, a topic

presentation/conversation and a general conversation

Internally assessed/externally moderated


Paper 4

1 hour 15 minutes

Writing 25%

45 marks

Candidates respond in the target

language to

three tasks

Externally assessed


IGCSE Chinese As Foreign Language Topics Area

Area A

Everyday activities

Home life and school

Food, health and fitness

A1. Home life

A2. School routine

A3. Eating and drinking

A4. Health and fitness

Area b

Personal and social life

Self, family and personal

relationships Holidays

B1. Self, family, personal

relationships, pets

B2. Everyday life

B3. Eating out

B4. Holidays

Area C

The world around us

Home town & local area

Natural and made environment

People, places and customs

C1. Home town and

geographical surroundings

C2. Clothes

C3. Shopping

C4. Public services, customs, etc.

C5. Weather

C6. Finding the way

C7. Meeting & greeting phrases

C8. Travel and transport

C9. Famous sites & famous cities

C10. Animals

Area D

The world of work

Continuing education

Careers and employment

D1. Further education and training

D2. Future career plans

D3. Employment

Area E

The international world

Tourism at home and abroad

Life in other countries

E1.Holiday travel and transport (see also C8)

E2.Geographical surroundings (see also C1)

E3.Weather (see also C5)

E4.Places and customs

E5.Food and drink (see also A3)

E6.Meeting people (see also C7)


Based on 102 reviews
Priya Darshini
Priya Darshini
Excellent, would definitely recommend Mandarin Plus. Particularly, enjoyed the learning experience with Ms Wang, who is an excellent teacher.
Katrina Chan
Katrina Chan
I had a great experience in my Chinese classes with Wang Cheng 老师. She was friendly, patient, and knowledgeable all throughout our lessons, and was able to tailor our sessions to adjust to my specific needs and current level.
Recommend! I attended Mandrin plus as a conversational class with Ms Fannie as my teacher. Lessons were well prepared, productive and caters well to students of different levels. Timings were very flexible too. Thank you!
Very great experience to learn Chinese. The course has a good structure and it was great to realize that step by step you are able to understand simple Chinese phrases. I took HSK1 level course. The school located in the city center. Good place. Classrooms contain everything you need for learning. I can recommend this school for everybody who wants to learn Chinese.
Luca Tedde
Luca Tedde
Fannie is a great teacher. I really enjoyed my initiation to the Mandarin language and felt real progress. I look forward to continuing on this journey with the help of Mandarin Plus and Fannie.
monicka chandan
monicka chandan
Ms Wang was very patient with even slowest learners.Thanks for the encouragement and the confidence which kept me going.
Bryan Kojongian
Bryan Kojongian
The tutor here taught me IB chinese very well, she helped me improve both my vocab and writing skills through regular work and her guidance in the few weeks leading to the IB chinese exams! Thank you Laoshi!!
Mandarin plus is a great Chinese language school. My teacher, Lilian is very nice, and when I am not sure she will help me! Lilian has been my teacher for many years and because of her I have improved a lot! My teacher is great, & patient. Highly recommended!
Roarke Tan
Roarke Tan
Teacher Selina Xie was extremely patient and diligent in her teaching. I attended the IB lessons that were offered at a competitive price. Even though I attended her lessons for only around half a year, I could personally see my Chinese speaking and writing skills improve tremendously due to the vast amount of resources and practices that were provided. I would personally like to thank her for allowing me to achieve a grade 7 for my IB Chinese exam. 谢谢谢老师!
Great experience. Have been taking lessons for 2+ years. Teacher (Lilian) was extremely capable and furthermore, able to customize lessons to suit my needs (Business-related)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for IGCSE?

The IGCSE in Singapore is an examination that is designed for students aged 14-16 years old. However, anyone regardless of their age who wishes to apply for IGCSE is accepted.

What is the benefit of IGCSE?

The main benefit of taking IGCSE is that this curriculum highlights the importance of critical thinking, problem solving and personality development. It also aims to enhance the cognitive, social and analytical skills of the students.

How do I register for IGCSE Singapore?

Most schools offering IGCSE in Singapore have their registration process posted on their official websites. If they don’t, you may reach out to them and ask if the registration for the current school year is still open.

Where is IGCSE accepted and recognised?

IGCSE is recognised across the world. Many higher education institutions and employers consider IGCSE as a good academic achievement and a positive point to the student or applicant.

Is IGCSE a degree?

No, IGCSE is a curriculum that is being implemented in many countries including the United Kingdom, Singapore, USA, Nigeria, Pakistan, Malaysia and more.

What is next after IGCSE?

After the completion of IGCSE in their grade 10, students will continue their studies in grade 11 and 12 or what is called the A-level in the Cambridge educational curriculum.

Choose IGCSE in Singapore and provide your child the best education he deserves. Want to learn more about the programme?

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