Our IB Chinese program is following international IB test system; it is mainly for students from international schools. The courses include IB Chinese A and B HL and SL Grammar and Reading Course, and HL Essay and Thesis Writing Tutoring Course.

IB General Chinese tuition is suitable for students from elementary school to high school. We use the learning materials from student’s school while the textbooks of the IB Chinese system certified by Hanban of the Ministry of Education of China. The textbooks and the curriculum are widely used in all major international schools.

IB Chinese A and B

For IB Chinese, it is divided into Chinese A, Chinese B, and Chinese Ab initio; there are small branches under each course. For example, Chinese A is divided into Chinese A: Literature and Chinese A: Language and Literature, each of which is again It is subdivided into High Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL) for students with different Chinese backgrounds.

Classification of IB Chinese Courses

A1 (Higher Level & Standard Level)

“Language A: Literature” focuses on cultivating students’ understanding of literary criticism skills and improving their ability to make independent literary judgments.

Course nature: It is a native language course of pure literature.

The comprehensiveness of the course: the integration of four literary courses, including selected works/writing/literary theory/literary history.

Reading-based: 15 (HL) or 11 (SL) works, divided into four different parts, each applicable to different assessment requirements.


Outside School-Writing (75%):

  • (Paper 1): Comparative analysis of two poems or prose works (25%)
  • (Examination Paper Two): Essay with one out of six questions (25%)
  • Write two articles, each accounting for 10%

In school-Oral examination (30%):

  • Topic selection seminar review (15%)
  • Recorded oral examination of works evaluation (15%)

Chinese B (HL & SL)

Course nature: mainly Chinese teaching. Very strong research and discussion of Chinese cultural phenomena covered and embodied in Chinese and practical Chinese learning, thus forming the different curriculum nature and requirements of general Chinese intermediate courses.

The comprehensiveness of the curriculum:

  • The intersection of the B curriculum and the A2 curriculum: the research part of the cultural topic is the same in nature. Based on Chinese, see the world, see the society, see the Chinese nation, master the language, and understand Chinese culture.
  • The difference between HL and SL: the number of characters is different.

Higher course-480 words; Standard course-300 words. )

Teaching requirements: pay equal attention to listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Outside school-writing, based on reading (70%):

  • (Paper 1): Four comprehension chapters, about 57 questions (40%)
  • (Examination Paper Two): Selected topic composition in different styles (30%)

In school-Oral examination (30%):

  • Recorded oral examination (15%)
Time allocation and content requirements:T
  1. Optional topic (5 minutes) –
  2. Discussion topic (5 minutes)
  3. General topics (5 minutes)
  • Conversation (15%)
The examination forms are diversified, and the main contents are:
  1. Class activities
  2. Individual report in class
  3. Discuss based on audio and video
  4. Group discussion
  5. Role discussion
  6. Silent film discussion
  7. Discuss the ending of movies and TV

Chinese AB

Nature of the course: Elementary Chinese course. Master basic vocabulary and grammar, writing common application essays; understanding of Chinese cultural phenomena.

Teaching target: The main target is non-Chinese students who have never studied Chinese.
Teaching requirements: pay equal attention to listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Outside school-writing, based on reading (70%):

  • (Paper 1): All kinds of practical essays, short essays and fragments of works reading comprehension (40%)
  • (Paper 1): All kinds of practical essays, short essays and fragments of works reading comprehension (40%)

In school-Oral examination (30%):

  • Recorded oral examination (15%)
  • Conversation (15%)

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an teacher for the IB course

IB Chinese must be studied under the guidance of a professional teacher. The teacher will arrange teaching based on the assessment requirements of the syllabus and the individual requirements and interests of the students, and select the books to be read. This bibliography is not randomly selected. The IBO will give a list of designated authors and a list of works, and teachers can choose from them. For example, 2-3 works of translation; 2-4 works of intensive reading, covering different literary genres, such as poetry, drama, prose, novels, etc.; 3-4 works organized according to the same literary genre; 3 works of self-selection.

MandarinPlus’s IB Chinese teachers are all IB experts who are native speakers who had completed their university study in China and obtained other degrees like Master or Phd in Singapore. They are all experienced and patient. They are good at guiding students and cultivating their interest in Chinese. After studying in our center for a period of time, students will make obvious progress and the school’s grades will be improved speedily.

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Here we attach a list of reading material of A group for your reference:

Chinese A Advanced Course Outline Study
  • 世界文学作品1《咆哮山庄》爱米莉。勃朗特

World Literature 1 “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte

  • 世界文学作品2《苔丝》托马斯。哈代

World Literature 2 “Tess of d’Urbervilles” by Thomas Hardy

  • 世界文学作品3《包法利夫人》福楼拜

World Literature 3 “Madame Bovary” by Gustave Flaubert

  • 世界文学作品4《局外人》阿尔贝。卡缪

World Literature 4 “L’Etranger” by Albert Camus

  • 古典诗歌《杜甫诗选》

Classical Poetry “Du Fu Selected Poems”

  • 古典长篇小说《水浒传》 施耐庵

Classical Novel “The Water Margin“ by Shi Nai An

  • 古典戏剧《西廂记》王实甫

Classical Drama “The West Chamber” by Wang Shi Fu

  • 古典短篇小说《喻世名言》冯梦龙

Classical Short Stories “Tales of Morals” by Feng Meng Long

  • 现当代长篇小说《家》巴金

Contemporary Novel “Family” by Ba Jin

  • 现当代长篇小说《骆驼祥子》老舍

Contemporary Novel “Camel Xiang Zi” by Lao She

  • 《围城》钱钟书

Contemporary Novel ”Fortress” by Qian Zhong Shu

  • 现代诗歌《徐志摩诗选》

Modern Poetry “Xu Zhi Mo Selected Poems”

  • 现代散文《冰心文集》

Modern Literary Works “Bing Xin Collected Works”

  • 现代短篇小说《彷徨》鲁迅

Modern Short Stories “Indecision” by Lu Xun

  • 台湾及海外作品《又见棕榈,又见棕榈》於梨华

Taiwan and Overseas Novel “Again the Palm Trees” by Yu Li Hua

辅助阅读 Supplementary
  • 《文学理论基本常识》

”Basic Concept of Literature”

  • 《中文A1课程精要》

“Students Guide to Success in IB Chinese A1”

  • 古典长篇小说《红楼梦》曹雪芹

Classical Novel “Dream of the Red Chamber” by Cao Xue Qin


Modern Novel “The Border Town and Other Stories” by Shen Cong Wen

  • 现代长篇小说《子夜》茅盾

Modern Novel “Midnight” by Mao Dun

  • 世界文学作品《老人与海》海明威

World Literature ”The Old Man and the Sea” by Hemingway, Ernest

  • 古典长篇小说《三国演义》罗贯中

Classical Novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” by Luo Guan Zhong

  • 现代话剧《茶馆》老舍

Modern Drama “Tea House” by Lao She

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