I sweated

28 April 2019

In Chinese we have several idioms to describe “somebody perspired ”. I bring you a common one today .

☀️☀️💦😥 “ hàn rú yǔ xià ”汗如雨下
sweat like rain drop(literally )

✍🏻“hàn (汗)”means to perspire

✍🏻“yǔ (雨🌧️)”means rain

✍🏻 “rú(如)” means like

✍🏻“xià (下)” means to drop

The meaning of this idiom is somebody has perspired so much like raining on himself or herself . The situation of the idiom can be :

  1. when weather /temperature is hot
    2. when you are too nervous
    3. when someone fell sick , for example , with high fever .
    4. when people doing physical exercise

Singapore this month is so hot that we can say it is easy to be
— “hàn rú yǔ xià (汗如雨下)。”☺️


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