I am busy !

21 August 2018

Do you have Monday blues ? in China , people call “Monday”“máng (忙)”day .

“máng(忙)” is an adjective which means busy in mandarin. So if you are busy you can always tell others

wǒ hěn máng 😥
I very busy (literally)
i am busy .

🎈Adjective words are considered as non-finite in Chinese. So that if there is no other context like comparison , we usually use “hěn(很)”which means very or “fēi cháng(非常)”which means very very or other adverb to limit the meaning of the adjective word . 🎈

Are you busy today ? Now you can reply this question in mandarin .

“wǒ hěn máng !”😥
(I am busy !)


“wǒ fēicháng máng!”😭
(I am very busy !)

At last I would like to say please have a rest , please “xiūxi xiūxi(休息休息).”😁

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