Day 7

28 April 2019

😥 People around me recently always say “ tiān na, tài rè le !”

🤪“tiān na (天呐),tài rè le(太热了)!”

☀️“tiān na (天呐)!” is an interjection. The meaning same as “oh my god!”

💦“tài (太) + adj+ le (了)” is a sentence pattern to express the degree of something is on a very high level.

For example ,

👏“tài hǎo le (太好了)!”means great !

So if the weather is too hot we will say

💦“tài rè le (太热了)!”. 🤤
the adjective “rè(热)” means “hot (weather)”.

Oh my god , the weather is too hot !
🤪 tiān na, tài rè le !

Beginners might found “r” is hard to pronounce . Try this , take the sound of “aur” when you say “measure”. You Got it ? 😁

Hěn hǎo 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

The weather today in Singapore is still very hot , ☺️

tiān na , tài rè le !

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