Day 1

21 August 2018

😎How To order Chinese food in mandarin in Singapore ?
Very simple , just use this sentence pattern :
i want + food
wǒ yào +food

For example , you want to order a “Chicken rice ”, chicken rice in Chinese is “jī fàn ” ,“jī ” meaning Chicken and “fàn” meaning rice here.
Now with the sentence pattern you can say ,

wǒ yào jī fàn .
我 要 鸡 饭。
i want chicken rice . (literally)

Some Singapore common local food :

  1. yún tūn miàn —wonton noodle
  2. yú yuán miàn —fish ball noodle
  3. yā fàn — duck rice
  4. chǎo fàn — fried rice
  5. chǎo mǐ fěn — fried rice noodle
  6. niú ròu miàn — beef noodle

Any other you want to learn? just leave a message to us .

Let’s try it today 😁 👏 👏👏

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