Days of the week

21 August 2018

If you want to organize a meeting in Mandarin , Chinese days of the week is the useful thing for you to know.

In Chinese we use “week” + number 1-6 to express Monday to Saturday .“week” in Mandarin is “xīng qī (星期)” , “xīng(星)”meaning star ,“qī(期)”meaning time period here, then we have ,

xīng qī yī —Monday
week one ( literally)

xīng qī èr — Tuesday
week two (literally)

xīng qī sān —Wednesday

xīng qī sì—Thursday

xīng qī wǔ—Friday

xīng qī liù —Saturday

However Sunday is not “week seven”in Chinese. We call it “week sun ”, the sun’s day . It pronounces as

xīng qī rì —Sunday

But beginners might feel “rì” is hard to pronounce , no worries, you can use another one ,

xīng qī tiān —Sunday

(literally meaning “week day”)

Ok, what day is it today ?

Now you can confidently to say “xīng qī wǔ ”!

Any other thing in Chinese you want to know ? Just drop us a message here .

xièxie dà jiā !


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