What is this course

This course provides the most authentic and natural way to learn foreign languages. This is an excellent way to learn because it allows you to experience all aspects of life in a foreign language.

Through the combination of classroom classes and field visits to historical and cultural attractions, we can experience the history and culture of Southeast Asian Chinese, the life, work and study culture of modern Singaporean Chinese, as well as the life of mainland Chinese immigrants in Singapore and so on.

Advantages of immersion course

Other than mainland China, Chinese in Singapore have also learned simplified Chinese characters and Mandarin since childhood. There is a Chinese culture that is similar to mainland China.

Chinese is a beautiful and rich language. If you want to have an in-depth understanding and mastery of it, in addition to learning from native Chinese speakers in your country and taking online or offline Chinese classes, you can take an immersive learning tour to make your learning experience all rounded.

Through immersive learning, you can experience the language in its purest form, as you have access to Chinese speakers and in a wide variety of contexts.

When you are learning a foreign language, gestures, body language and other movements are also part of immersive learning. Think about it, language is not just words. When learning language, we actually rely a lot on the body language of others to understand their emotions and meanings.

Efficiency and speed are the biggest advantages of immersive Chinese projects. Because students are immersed in the Chinese language environment all day, their language acquisition speed and ability are much higher than that of traditional second foreign language students, and their cultural awareness is also stronger due to subtle effects.

Why us

Experince and professional teachers

Tailored course content

Safe and convenient learning site

Parent and teachers directly involved.

Cultivation of critical thinking

Develop the ability to live independently

Course For Who

  • Course for Adult
  • Course for Teen & Kids
  • Course for Family
  • Course for Company

Course content
In classroom intensive chinese learning ,you can choose
1. Adult course
2. Kids course
3. Culture course
4. Fully customized course

Outdoor tour
1. Apply the knowledge to real life
2. Learn cultural knowledge from vistings
3. Custom behind language
4. Practise chinese social etiquette

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    Paul Singh
    Paul Singh
    I engaged Mandarin Plus Language School for HSK 1 lessons and Ms Jasmine was my teacher. She is an effective teacher who comes up with unique ways to help me remember usage of certain phrases and even how to recognize Chinese characters. I enjoyed my lessons and learnt a lot in a short space of time. Will be back for HSK 2 in due course.
    Price quotes and replies were speedy. Prices were affordable! We engaged teacher Selina Xie for a small group Mandarin Chinese class. She was very resourceful, patient, responsive and flexible. We all enjoyed our sessions with her very much! Overall, a great experience! Highly recommended!
    Jon Ang
    Jon Ang
    Attended a customised business mandarin course. Xie laoshi was very accommodative and flexible to my education needs, she kept materials relevant and made sure to keep the class engaging. 👍
    J CHAN
    J CHAN
    I chose Mandarin Plus for my daughter to go for the HSK exams, teachers are patient and qualified, the outcome of the exam are excellent!! 謝謝老師
    Sam Olsen
    Sam Olsen
    The tutors are fantastic and very supportive of my children. Recently they have passed their HSK 1 and HSK 2 exams with flying colours and the tutors really helped them achieve this. Good value for money too. Recommended
    Silvia Kauer
    Silvia Kauer
    I fully recommend Luna Li as a teacher for Chinese. She has a broad set of skills and capabilities in teaching methods. She is very professional, friendly, responsive and patient as well as structured. Thanks to her, I caught up with speaking, enhanced my writing skills and learned the differences btw. Mandarin and e.g. Singaporean/Hokkian/Cantonese Chinese. Luna also ties in current topics/news and this enriches the knowledge base and makes it very interesting.
    Bella Chan
    Bella Chan
    I just finished the intermediate business Chinese course in this school MandarinPlus. My teacher Zhang is a very professional and responsible teacher. I have learned a lot of commonly used sentence patterns and idioms, which are very helpful to me in my work. I will continue to study advanced courses and business writing. Recommend MandarinPlus to everyone.
    Felicia Millan
    Felicia Millan
    Three months ago, I learned business Chinese with Teacher Li. She is not only very professional, but also very responsible and patient. The design of the course content is very systematic and reasonable. Although I am very busy at work, I can still keep up the progress of my studies, and even my clients praise my Chinese expression more and more authentically. In addition, the management of the school is very orderly and not cumbersome. I highly recommend this school. 谢谢!节日快乐!
    Ke Grace
    Ke Grace
    Ms Lilian Li was an amazing tutor throughout my classes! Despite my busy work schedule and mostly submitted assignments on a weekend, she's always prompt with responses. She has a good understand of what my learning needs are and ensures that she curates relevant content.