I want a jug of beer

🍺What a wonderful weekend night if you have a jug of beer during or after dinner ! In Singapore you can order your jug of beer in mandarin . Say it after me , 🎈wǒ yào yì zhā pí jiǔ 🤩🍺 我要一扎啤酒。 I want a jug of beer! Have you found the sentence pattern is the […]

Hey, it’s time to ……

Do you have to wake your kids up to school in the morning ? do you need someone else to wake you up to work in the morning ? 😂👿 In english , you may say “wake up , its time to school / to work !” 🐼🍎In mandarin , we put a particle word “le” […]

To watch a movie

    Will you go for a movie this weekend ? Maybe “Avengers 4”?😁 👀☘️To watch/see/look in mandarin pronounce as “kàn (看👀)”like english word “ken” . It is a very useful verb , ☘️We can say “kàn kàn (看看)”which means to take a look . When someone recommend a cloth or others to you , […]

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