The Next Big Thing in Mandarin Lessons

Some people say that the epidemic that started in 2020 until present is “an experiment in which information technology changes the offline education”. Starting in 2020, due to the impact of the global epidemic, Chinese language offline education in various affected countries has been forced to switch to online Chinese course, which has also greatly […]

3 Signs You Need Help With Chinese Course

These three signs tell you that you Need Help With Chinese Course It is not easy to learn Mandarin by yourself. This requires a good language environment, such as if you live in a Chinese-speaking country, or if you are an extremely self-disciplined learner, or both. People who learn Chinese by themselves in a non-Chinese […]

Travel Bubble In Chinese ?

Travel Bubble –lǚ yóu pào pào 旅游泡泡   旅游lǚ yóu –meaning travel (for holiday/vocation etc, but not for business trip) 泡泡pào pào –meaning bubble ( you can say bubble tea in chinese 泡泡茶pào pào chá According to news of LianHe ZaoBao on 15th Oct , The Malaysian government’s pilot tourism bubble program in Langkawi has […]

Main vaccines’s Chinese Name?

  Pfizer —huī ruì 辉瑞    Moderna — mò dé nà 莫得纳 Sinovac — kē xìng  科兴   Johnson — qiáng shēng  强生  Do you know how to say their Chinese name now? If you are still interested in knowing the meaning of these Chinese characters, you can use Google to translate it, and you […]


  After you have introduced your name, the next step is your occupation. I am + the name of occupation,  eg: I am a teacher. wǒ shì +lǎo shī (teacher) 我是+ 老师 Or if you are a manager, wǒ shì +jīng lǐ (manager) 我是+ 经理 Or if you are an engineer , wǒ shì +gōng […]

To order Chinese food

😎How To order Chinese food in mandarin in Singapore ? Very simple , just use this sentence pattern : i want + food wǒ yào +food 我要+food For example , you want to order a “Chicken rice ”, chicken rice in Chinese is “jī fàn ” ,“jī ” meaning Chicken and “fàn” meaning rice here. […]

Days of the week

If you want to organize a meeting in Mandarin , Chinese days of the week is the useful thing for you to know. In Chinese we use “week” + number 1-6 to express Monday to Saturday .“week” in Mandarin is “xīng qī (星期)” , “xīng(星)”meaning star ,“qī(期)”meaning time period here, then we have , xīng […]

Go shopping!

Are you going to Jewel Changi for shopping this weekend ? Do you know how to say “shopping” in mandarin ? Before i introduce in more detail to you , let’s try to say this verb “guàng (逛)”which means “to shop”. The pronunciation sounds like when you knock a steel board , “guàng guàng guàng”! 😂 […]

I like sports !

🏃‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️🕺🏻🏊‍♀️😃 Most of us do sports when we have time , Do you know how to say“ i like to do sports ”in mandarin ? It’s very easy because the sentence pattern almost the same as it’s in english . wǒ +xǐ huan + yùn dòng I + like + sports 我 + 喜欢 +运动 🎵 Did […]

I am busy !

Do you have Monday blues ? in China , people call “Monday”“máng (忙)”day . “máng(忙)” is an adjective which means busy in mandarin. So if you are busy you can always tell others wǒ hěn máng 😥 我很忙 I very busy (literally) i am busy . 🎈Adjective words are considered as non-finite in Chinese. So that […]

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