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We offer 1. Gernally Business Group Class (BCT A & B)

                  2. Customised Business Corporate Training course 

                  3. Fully Customised Business Private Course 

Mandarin Plus’s Business Chinese course is designed for working adults who need to master the Chinese language in a short time or need to pass the BCT (business Chinese test). This Business Chinese course in Singapore mainly focuses on conversational, intermediate and advanced levels including writing in a business area with necessary vocabularies, sentence patterns, grammar and related culture and etiquette.

This is also a preparation test course based on the International Business Chinese Test (BCT) organized by the Chinese Ministry of Education Hanban. In addition to the standard Business Chinese textbook certified by Hanban, the common terminology and scene dialogue are also integrated into the teaching method according to the student’s profession, for instance, Business Mandarin for Banking Professionals. The course content included is practical and updated, and the learning difficulties are minimized, which relieves the pressure on adults who are learning the Chinese language.

The composition and format of the BCT exam
The BCT test consists of two relatively independent tests: BCT (listening, reading) and BCT (speaking and writing). You can take one of the exams alone, or you can take both exams at the same time.
There are currently two test formats for the BCT exam: Paper-based Test and Computer-based Test. The computer-based BCT test is currently only held in Singapore.

BCT’s grading standard
The Business Chinese Test uses five levels to describe the business Chinese level of test takers. The five levels are:
Level 1 Not yet able to communicate in Chinese in business activities.
Level 2 Basic communication in Chinese can be used in business activities.
Level 3 Can effectively communicate in Chinese in business activities.
Level 4 Be able to communicate in Chinese proficiently in business activities.
Level 5 Be able to communicate freely and appropriately in Chinese in business activities.

Topics of General Business Chinese Course
Beginner to Advanced

Groups Groups
Beginner BCT 1-2 Upper Beginner BCT 3 Intermediate BCT B 
1. Greetings & Self-introduction 1. Formal introduction 1. 招聘
2. When do you start to work 2. To book a hotel room & room rate 2. 求职
3. We work in a bank 3. To rent a room 3. 新员工
4. I took a taxi to go to work 4. Welcome to our factory 4. 答谢酒会
5. To book a Food delivery 5. Customer service 5. 联系方式
6. The boss is a workabholic. 6. Amount limitation of banks in China 6. 企业文化
7. I started to work in 2000 7. To book an air ticket 7. 广告
8. It becomes hotter and hotter 8. Modifying the contract 8. 财务
9. He’s in a western suit 9. Setting a travel time and place 9. 竞拍
10. Do you have your paid annual vacation this year 10. To make & cancel an appointment 10. 保险
Etiquette of formal introduction Top 500 enterprises in China 面试中的礼仪和重点
Table manner “Hongbao”culture 中国的职场文化
Working Time in China Dinner & Drinking etiquette 中文市场上流行的广告媒体
Chinese 12 animals symbolizing the Year in Which a person is born Why most of chinese business people belive in “Feng Shui” 中国的财务法规常识
Gow can you make your order at a restaurant decently Great wits have short memories 了解热门的竞拍行业
Chinese festivals and public holiday What Chinese people wear on their Wedding Day 中国著名的保险公司
Groups  Groups
Upper Intermediate BCT B Advanced BCT WRITING
1. 市场调查 1. 欢迎宴会(致辞)
2. 产品介绍 2. 商务考察(投资环境)
3. 市场营销 3. 贸易谈判(报价、谈判、签约)
4. 售后服务 4. 运输保险(包装、运输、保险)
5. 展会 5. 争端与仲裁(争端、仲裁、倾销与反倾销)
6. 商务考察 6. 海关商检(在海关、商检)
7. 商务信函 7. 银行税务(银行存贷款、税收)
8. 包装、物流和加盟 8. 股票基金 (股票、基金)
9. 谈判 9.幻灯片写作
10.文化差异 10.业务往来书信写作
etc… etc…

Premium Business & Culture Chinese Course

Our school offers Chinese courses to help senior executives in banks, international companies, private companies, who have already obtained the general knowledge of Chinese lanugage, for example one has passed A level Chinese or HSK 5 or above, or you can take an free assessment with us to know your level, to brush up and enhance their understanding of Chinese language. This course includes not only the general knowledge of the language (common words & business level vocas & grammar), but also the technical terms of the industry you are in and Chinese history and culture etc.

Under hectic work schedule, students have only limited time to pick up a large content of the Chinese words therefore it is difficult for them to achieve good learning outcome. To ensure effective learning under limited time, our experienced teacher design the course to target at each individual based on the students learning characteristic and her or his workplace requirement with focus to speed up the learning of specific and related vocabularies and phrases for immediate use in social/workplace meetings.

Course Fee And

  • Free private one to one trial.
  • Free private one to one assessment.
  • Private class: Fr $75/hr, Flexible timing , follow student’s own pace.
  • Group class: $40/hr at 15hrs, 10 sessions.
  • Customised private or corporate training course
  • Pls contact us by whatsapp for the date of group class.
BCT One every Monday 7-8:30pm Once a week
BCT Two MPBIS 2 every Tuesday 7-8:30pm Once a week
BCT Three MPBIS 3 every Wednesday 7-8:30pm Once a week
Intermediate One MPBIS 4 every Tuesday 7-8:30pm Once a week
Intermediate Two MPBIS 5 every  Thursday 7-8:30pm Once a week
Advanced One MPBIS 6 every Friday 7-8:30pm Once a week
Advanced Two MPBIS 7 every Saturday 2-3:30pm Once a week
Business Writing MPBIS 8 every Sunday 2-3:30pm Once a week


Based on 100 reviews
Sarah Chen
Sarah Chen
Thank you Selina Xie for your excellent teaching. My son only started learning Chinese in Y9(S3) for 1.5 years with the weekly lessons from Mandarin Plus, but has achieved A* in recent IGCSE “Chinese as foreign language” exam. Communication is really good, Ms Xie can always accommodating our needs in short notice. Highly recommended!
chawanee tanthuwanit
chawanee tanthuwanit
Mandarin plus is a great Chinese language school. They are very responsive. My teacher is great, patient and engaging. My 10 and 12 yo kids also took classes here and loved it! Highly recommended!
Thank you Selina Xie Lao Shi for your excellent guidance and teaching methodology, You had very good resources and were very prompt and patient and encouraging. It gave my daughter a boost of confidence. It really helped her in her IB exams and she scored a 7 in Mandarin ! Thank you very much.
celine griot
celine griot
I can't recommand more Selina for excellent mandarin classes for my 2 daughters: very commited and professional. Over 4 years, regular lessons have improved to excellence their level.
Jerome Dufour
Jerome Dufour
Went to Mandarin Plus to learn HSK1 which went well throughout the term. Teacher Kenny provided additional slides on top of the workbook and textbook and was very helpful.
Paul Singh
Paul Singh
I engaged Mandarin Plus Language School for HSK 1 lessons and Ms Jasmine was my teacher. She is an effective teacher who comes up with unique ways to help me remember usage of certain phrases and even how to recognize Chinese characters. I enjoyed my lessons and learnt a lot in a short space of time. Will be back for HSK 2 in due course.
Price quotes and replies were speedy. Prices were affordable! We engaged teacher Selina Xie for a small group Mandarin Chinese class. She was very resourceful, patient, responsive and flexible. We all enjoyed our sessions with her very much! Overall, a great experience! Highly recommended!
Jon Ang
Jon Ang
Attended a customised business mandarin course. Xie laoshi was very accommodative and flexible to my education needs, she kept materials relevant and made sure to keep the class engaging. 👍
I chose Mandarin Plus for my daughter to go for the HSK exams, teachers are patient and qualified, the outcome of the exam are excellent!! 謝謝老師

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