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Corporate Training

What courses we have:

1. Mandarin Training Course
2. Chinese Culture Course
3. Mandarin & Chinese Culture Combined Course
4. Leadership Training Course in Chinese
5. Corporate management Training course in Chinese

Course for who :

Government organizations, foreign embassy, local or foreign small, medium sized companies or organizations.


Minimize your spending and maximize your gain.

1. Analyse training needs: We will arrange an interview with student to understand about their requirements for the course and the purpose of the study.
2. Design trial lesson: Our teacher will design a trial lesson based on the information gather before so that the students can experience and ask for detailed requirements. This trial lesson is free.
3. Formal lesson: After the course officially started, we will still monitor the progress and ready to change the content and teaching method based on request from students at any time.
4. Training materials: If the client company has ready-to-use teaching materials, we can use it directly. We can also design and edit and provide relevant learning materials in line with the training needs.
5. Online Courses: In order not to affect the progress of the students during business trips, we can also provide online classes; the timing can be arranged accordingly.
6. Offline practice: After-school hours, homework/exercise can be arranged to consolidate learning effects through social media platform such as “wechat”, “whatsapp” or email.

Learning Mandarin has never been this easy! Mandarin Plus provides a professional mandarin language course constructed based on your level with access to top-rated resources to supplement and enhance your learning experience.
Meet the brilliant experts who are ready to step-up your learning game! Mandarin Plus Singapore not only employs highly credible Chinese tutor that you can count on but to also provide you the inspiration and guide towards your learning success!

In addition, our high quality online classes for Corporate Training Courses are available ! Please Call /WhatsApp @+65 97207491 or email for free online trial schedules and course details.

Fee and Schedule


$65 for 1pax
$70 for 2pax
$75 for 3pax
$80 for 4pax
$85 for 5pax
$90 for 6pax
$95 for 7pax
$100 for 8-9pax

Contact us for separate quotation if there are more people.

Material fee: $25-$60 per person

Schedule :
Flexible timing base on your convenience;  8 hours a day from Monday to Sunday



Selina was recommended to me by one of my friend whose son had been enjoying taking lessons with her for a few years and was very satisfied with the level he had achieved. My children are French and respectively 16 and 13 year-old. They have been learning Chinese in school as a 2nd language and needed extra-teaching hours to improve their speaking and writing skills.
My son used to say that he hated Chinese language and was really unhappy to have to learn it. However, since he has started with Selina, slightly more than a year ago, his level has not only improved substantially but now also finds Chinese interesting and do not complain anymore before going to class.
His school Chinese teacher was impressed by his progression and participation in class.
I really recommend Selina; She is an excellent Chinese tutor.

Veronique Viardot-Foucault


I enjoyed 16 hours of one-to-one Mandarin classes which were tailored to my level of Mandarin (rusty, primary school level) and interests. The teacher was patient, good at listening and explaining, and responded to my interest in polishing my Mandarin whilst introducing a new level of technical and modern vernacular which I sorely lacked. By using various techniques, e.g. reading conversations, increasing relevant vocab in bitesized batches, looking at current news videos or documentaries, reading news items and blogs by the younger set, I was enthusiastically reintroduced to the modern world of Mandarin. We even looked at current websites. Much of my practice material was very relevant to the current affairs. Everything we worked on was recorded and shared with me via Google Docs. Excellent.

I have taken private Mandarin lessons from Lilian, who is a perfect teacher with well-prepared curriculum. Best place for beginners.

One of my Friend recommended us MandarinPlus school to enhance Mandarin skills of our two French Daughters of 5 and 10 years old. They have separate 1-1 with Selina who set up the school. Both of them have the same feedback ‘we love to learn Mandarin with Selina. She is amazing, she learns to us with games and exercises. We study but we have fun at the same time’.
Selina is always ponctual and professional. She gives me regular feedback. I recommended her to my Friend and I encourage you o discover her methodology.


Selina has been of immense help to our family. We do not speak any Mandarin at home, yet our children, who are born in Singapore, have been studying Chinese since a young age and needed support in their learning. Selina’s professionalism, defication and immense patience have really made a difference. She is extremely good at adapting her teaching style to the children’s personality and at finding ways to make her lessons interesting and productive, without ever compromising on quality.


Teachers are really good. They have best curriculum for kids to learn Mandarin.

Alex Pallaris

Selina who is the founder of Mandarin Plus is an excellent teacher. The lessons are adapted for my needs. She is patient, professional and fun. I highly recommend her to anyone! Feel free to get in touch with any questions.

One of the very few, if not the only school, where student’s progress placed first. Not only the course can be tailored to student’s needs, but the schedule. I think, the teacher’s approach and attitude to teaching makes the whole difference.

MandarinPlus has given me the confidence to communicate in Mandarin to my colleagues, patients at work, and with my friends. The lessons are well structured and they have flexible timings you can adjust to, depending on your schedule. The teachers are very dedicated to giving you the most out of the 1 hour or 1.5 h lessons and will make sure you understand everything before carrying on to the next lesson.

My teacher, Lilian W, is very credible, patient and willing to go the extra mile making sure my pronunciation etc. is perfect. The one-to-one classes are worth the money as they provide quality content. Certification is also given once you have completed any of the levels.

I have been taking private lessons with Selina and her teachers for more than 2 years now and it has been exceptional. I am speaking from experience having been a student at other ‘larger’ mandarin schools in Singapore and I can honesty say that the dedication that the team here to their students is unconditional. Every teacher is highly qualified (not just part-time student teachers who need the pay check): the teachers genuinely have an interest in your learning and celebrate your progress with you. It is not just about what’s in the book but also Chinese culture, the difference between spoken Chinese and written Chinese and all the nuances that you would not get in a typical class.

I originally only wanted to learn a bit of Mandarin to be able to communicate the basics with others. I started with HSK 1 and I am now learning HSK 5. I have completed 2 exams which I certainly did not feel that I could so at the beginning of this journey. It was only with the encouragement of Selina and her teachers that I am able to do this. I have been recommending Mandarin Plus to all my friends and colleagues. 我需要努力,但我很感激他們的鼓勵。謝謝!